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BBC 2 HD to Launch March 26th 2013

The BBC Trust have confirmed a ‘Launch’ of BBC 2 HD on March 26th 2013. This will, sadly, not be an additional service but instead will replace the current BBC HD Channel on all platforms – Freeview / YouView 102, Sky 169, Freesat 109 & BT Vision 852. Whilst we welcome the ‘addition’ we can’t help think its a shame that some of the excellent content on BBC 3 & BBC 4 will no longer have an outlet for the HD Version. It also seems to be a cost cutting exercise by the BBC – Whilst at the same time launching BBC 1 HD Regional Version – with its ‘Upscaled’ content – for Wales, Scotland and Northern Island.

This represents the loss of an excellent Licence Funded Service where you were guaranteed to see ONLY High Definition Content. We are also sad to say this may well see the end of the BBC HD Test Card being available for dealers & techies like ourself to check just how good (or bad) new HD Screens are. Shame, the price of progress?

It is also the end of BBCs 3D Trial Broadcasts. We accept the whole 3D thing hasn’t really taken off, but again, shame to see the service dropped. The BBC is renowned round the world its expertise & technical excellence, roll on 4K