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TV & Radio Aerials

The Digital Switch Over is now completed. All analogue TV broadcasts in the UK have ceased. This has resulted in much better Digital TV signals across the country. As part of the switch over all transmitters not only benefited from an increase in power output, there was also a change made to the broadcast system. The algorithm used was changed to a newer system – 8K – this has the advantage of a more robust signal. On the downside some older ‘2K’ equipment has ceased to work correctly, or in some cases in has ceased to work at all. To ensure any equipment you buy is ‘Future Proof’ ensure you look for the ‘Digital Tick’ on your purchase. This shows the product meets the standards required by the DTG.

Digital Switch Over also enabled the start of Freeview HD across the country. All Main & Relay Transmitters now carry the main 5 Freeview High Definition Channels. Whilst all Main Transmitters now carry the full compliment of channels, the smaller relay Transmitters only carry the main 12 plus the 5 in HD.

The Crystal Palace Transmitter also carries an additional Multiplex of High Definition Channels – inc BBC Four, BBC News, E4, More 4 etc. This Multiplex is listed as an ‘Interim’ Multiplex – with further planned changes, inc clearance of the 700MHz band, this group of HD Channels could well disappear from Freeview.

At AVAV Systems we will now ONLY supply TVs that have DVB-T2 built-in. Any TVs that do NOT have DVB-T2 may well ‘loose’ services in the not too distant future. Buyer beware – many budget, Supermarket TVs do not!!

Do remember there is no such thing as a “Digital Aerial” & we suggest you don’t do business with someone who tries to sell you one! Though not all aerials are equal – We ensure the right ‘Group’ of aerial is installed for your transmitter, we always use a newer type of aerial with a ‘balun’ or a Log Periodic type – this will help to reduce interference from external sources and finally we use quality ‘double screened’ cables and connectors.

All aerials and cables we use are manufactured to the highest industry standards. Where possible we use products endorsed by the industry body The CAI – The Confederation of Aerial Industries. They carry out testing of products to ensure they are ready for the Digital Broadcasts of today and tomorrow.

4G Mobiles – The auction for the next generation of mobile phones is now completed & the 5 successful bidders started roll out of their services Summer 2013. This new system, called 4G LTE, broadcasts on some of the old Analogue TV frequencies – known as the 800 MHz Band. These new Mobiles have the potential to cause significant interference to Freeview TV reception. We are fully qualified to understand these issues & are “Digital Approved” with the Registered Digital Institute – RDI – Look for the Blue Tick & Registration Number showing competence to understand 4G Technologies. Please see our separate “4G Mobile” page to understand more about the new technology and the potential issues.

FM Aerials

Although FM Signals are very good, if you are trying to locate a distant station, an external aerial or full size loft mount aerial will help to pull in those weaker signals. With a good signal FM Radio gives excellent results.

DAB Aerials

DAB is the new system for transmitting Radio in the UK and Europe. Digital Audio Broadcasting is still growing its coverage across the UK. This can lead to difficulties in receiving DAB Signals in the home. Again a loft mount or external aerial will give the best reception. It is possible to receive over 50 DAB Stations in the Horsham area. Coverage is expanding & more transmitters are coming on line. We have recently installed DAB Radios in our vehicles & are very pleased with the coverage.

When having any works done, do think about having a DAB Aerial installed or installing a DAB Radio in your car – as the switch to Digital Radio is getting ever closer, some industry sources are still looking at 2017/18- it’s coming, like it or not!

Signal Amplifiers & Distributers

We can supply fit all types of Amplifiers and Distribution units. From units designed to boost the signal to one set, or multiple sets, units distributing TV, FM, DAB & Satellite – all down a single cable!

Run all the TVs in your home from a single Sky Box. Units available for 2, 4, 8 or more outputs.

Feed multiple Sky & Freesat Receivers from one dish.

Its all possible, just give us a call to talk over your requirements.