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National Retune Day – 10 Days to go…

National Retune Day is now 10 days away, it will take place on 30th September 2009.

All Freeview Products, TV’s, Set Top Boxes & Freeview+ Recorders will need a full retune to continue receiving all available services.

The changes include moves by Channel 5, ITV 4 & Radio Services.

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Freesat Reaches 600,000 Sales

Freesat, the Free to Air Satellite Service, has reached 600, 000 unit sales since their launch in May 2008.

Following initial shortages of stock, the platform is now increasing sales faster than at anytime since launch, as sales increased 50% during the last quarter.

There is now a wider range of products than ever.

HDTV’s with Built In Freesat from both Panasonic & LG.

Set Top Boxes from Alba, Goodmans, Grundig.

High Definition Receivers from Grundig, Humax & TechniSat.

High Definition PVR from Humax with Grundig to release a new product soon. Panasonic’s excellent PVR with Blu Ray Recorder.

Sony have also just confirmed they are to launch two Freesat Integrated HDTVs  – KDL-40Z5800 & KDL 52Z5800 – 40″ & 52″ Full HD LCD Panels.

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We are delighted to offer access to the full Panasonic Range from our friends at Aurac in Horsham & Billingshurst

National Retune Day !! 30th September

30th September 2009 is National Retune Day.

This is the date for a nationwide upgrade to the Freeview Digital TV Service.

Following the upgrade all viewers will need to retune their Freeview Equipment, if they do not, they will no longer receive certain channels. All Freeview products will need to be retuned, including Set Top Boxes, Digital TVs & Freeview+ Recorders

The main services affected are Channel 5, ITV 4 & the Radio Services of the BBC.

Following completion of the Digital Switch Over in 2012, certain parts of the country will be left with a level of service that is being dubbed ‘Freeview Lite’ These are areas served by smaller relay transmitters, which will only be broadcasting 3 or 4 of the 6 available Multiplexes. By moving channels now, this will ensure that C5 is available on the Public Service Broadcast Multiplexes (PSB) following 2012.

It is also suggested that the reshuffle will pave the way for the launch of the proposed Freeview HD Multiplex, which will carry a maximum of 5 HD Channels nationwide by the Olympics in 2012. The Freeview HD platform is due to start broadcasting in the Granada region by the end of 2009. There are currently no receivers on sale able to decode the new service.

Satellite, Sky, Freesat & Cable viewers are not affected by the retune programme.

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