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Launch of Optical LNB and Satellite Distribution Systems

AVAV Systems are pleased to announce availability of a new range in Optical Satellite Distribution systems – FibreMDU.

The new product range, from Global Invacom, utilises Optic Fibre to distribute the satellite signals from the Dish LNB through the distribution system. The result being very low loss of signal quality as far as possible through the entire network. This technology is ideally suited to situations were the dish is a long way from the receiver, or many receivers are supplied via one dish – in IRS Systems, dwellings where multiple satellite receivers are required, or commercial systems. Another andvantage is only one cable – where previously many were required. All the fibre cables in the range are ‘Armoured’ for added strength and are LSZH – Low Smoke Zero Halogen – for enhanced safety in the event of fire.

For further information or to obtain a system quote please call us or use the Contact Us page.

NHK World TV Launches on Freesat

Japans Public Broadcaster, NHK, has joined Freesat. The channel can be found on the Freesat EPG, Channel 209.

The channel covers the Japan and Asia regions and is broadcast in English. Covering News, Current Affairs, J-Pop – Japans Pop Music Culture Scene – and Anime.

Panasonic Freesat IDTVs will automatically show the new channel on the programme guide. Users of Humax Receivers and PVRs will need to accept the latest update, when prompted, to add this and any other new channels to their Programme Guide.